Puppetry workshops for all ages and abilities; 

from Family inclusive, Adults Only! and the Elderly

Care Homes

Casual Work Meeting

Health and


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Family Workshop

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Making Puppets

Mums and Dads, learn to make Puppets with the Kids.


In this fun workshop, you and your kids will learn together,  the art of making puppets, and for those who want to, we will help you put on your very  own mini-puppet show!

The Puppets are yours to take away at the end of the day.


Bring your own Socks. *remember to wash them first!

All other materials to make your puppet will be provided.

Adults Only!


Puppetry is not just for kids

Ever wondered how puppets can seem like they're actually real! 

Well now is your chance to learn how, in this adult only workshop.


Learn the basics of puppetry in this introductory workshop, where you will learn how to:

  • develop the puppets character

  • make your puppet appear to come to life!

  • build confidence

      ... and much more!

A really fun workshop where the puppets are allowed to be a bit more edgy.

Warning: may contain strong language!