Witty Print

FAQs for Sketch Artists

Q: What style of artwork are you looking for?

A: Yellow Banana Productions (Y.B.P.) produce comedy related merchandise; mugs, T-Shirts, coasters, face masks and a range of other merchandise that contain witty quotes and comedy images. Most of the artwork we include are reasonably simple and straightforward and fit with the comedy quote that accompanies it. We are not looking for anything too elaborate or high end. We are all about making people smile through our range of comedy merchandise. It also helps if you have some understanding of Scottish Humour as we have our own unique style of wit and humour, often through Scottish colloquialism and slang – it’s not essential to fully understand Scottish Humour but it will be helpful when creating the artwork.

Q: I don’t know much about comedy, do I need to come up with a witty quote to go along with the artwork?

A: No. Sketch artists are not expected to come up with a witty quote. Y.B.P. will provide the witty quote and a few guidelines and overview of the sort of thing we are looking for and it is up to the artist to create a sketch in their own style. We may ask the artist to make some changes to the first draft. Once the changes have been made and if I think the final draft fits well with the quote, Y.B.P. will then add it to our current selection of printed merchandise, and will appear on our website open for sale. Please note; you may be asked to make a few changes to the original draft, but we do try and keep this to a minimum, as we appreciate that it can take time to create good quality artwork, but at the same time we need good quality work that fits with our style of comedy.


Q: How much do you pay for my artwork?

A: Sketch Artists will receive 16.75% of the retail value for every item sold which contains their artwork. This currently works out at £1.00 for items that retail at £5.95, which may not seem like much to begin with, but there is good earning potential in the long term. The rate will increase to 18% once 50 items have been sold that contain the artists design, and 20% once a total of 100 items have been sold. There is no time limit on the number of items sold or the type of item sold.



3 items sold (2 mugs and 1 T-Shirt) with a total retail value of £20.00 the sketch artist will receive:

  • £3.35 at 16.75% level

  • £3.60 at 18% level

  • £4.00 at 20% level


Once the artist has reached each level, they will remain on the higher level regardless of the number of sales thereafter.

Payments will be made directly into the artists bank account on the first Monday of each month, and will cover all sales from 1st of the month to the last day of the previous month. i.e. All sales from 1st to 31st of October will be paid directly into the artists account on the 1st Monday in November.


Q: How will I know when a product with my artwork has been sold?

A: You will be notified by email every time a product containing your artwork has been sold. You can also check the website at any time to see if there is a change on how many of each product is still available. So, if for example there are 20 items available containing your design at the beginning of the week and 3 days later there are only 15 available you will know that 5 items have been sold. However, you will always be notified when items containing your design have been sold. A sales breakdown will be sent to you at the end of each month. It is up to you to keep a tab on this for your own records.


Q: Can I sell my own artwork for a one-off fee at a price I set myself, as art materials can be expensive?

A: Y.B.P. don’t do complete buyouts at this stage, and here’s why. All artists and business owners need to earn money as they all have expenses to pay. For the artist, this will mainly be the art materials and for Y.B.P. it is the cost of keeping the E-commerce site going, printing and equipment costs including the merchandise (mugs, T-Shirts etc.), packaging and equipment (heat presses etc.) and without all of this we wouldn’t be able to stay in business. There is no way of knowing how many items of each product will sell, or indeed if they will sell so it is not financially viable for Y.B.P. to buy a piece of artwork outright. By offering sketch artists a percentage for every item that is sold which contains their artwork the artist will continue to earn money from every item that is sold. So as long as it continues to sell, the artist will continue to earn money from it, which could be significantly more than if they were to sell it as a one-off.


Think of it this way:


If an artist receives £1.00 for each mug that sells which contains their artwork, they will receive £10.00 for 10 Mugs sold, £50.00 for 50 Mugs sold, £100.00 for 100 Mugs sold and so on…(plus any additional percentage, if they are on the higher rates!). And that is just one item, imagine if your artwork was on 6 different items; Mug, Coaster, T-Shirt, Fridge Magnet, Phone Case, Cushion Cover, and all selling in excess of 20 units! And you only need to do the Artwork once! So, there is good earning potential for Artists interested in something long term rather than a quick sale.


Q: Do I still own the Copyright?

A: Yes. Sketch artists retain the copyright of artwork they submit to Y.B.P. and have the right to use it elsewhere. Merchandise produced by Y.B.P. will include the artists name and © symbol along with the year it was produced along with the artwork on each product it appears on. You would need to let Y.B.P. know if you intend to sell any of your artwork to a third party, which appears on our merchandise. This could mean that we may have to remove it from our website and social media platforms, though it does not prevent you from continuing to produce other artwork for inclusion on our merchandise.


Q: Will I get regular paid work?

A: Sketch artists are hired on a freelance basis and there is no guarantee that the merchandise in which their artwork appears will sell. Y.B.P. will do their best to spread the word through Social Media platforms to publicise the website. We do however look for a certain level of commitment, and prefer artists to submit sketches on a regular basis rather dipping in and out when it suits them. We are not asking for any major time commitment just as long as there is some consistency. It's much better to submit say one sketch a month than submitting 7 or 8 sketches once, then never hear from you again. 


Q: Can I withdraw my artwork from the Y.B.P. website?

A: Yes. Just send me an email to let me know what images you would like to have removed. It can take up to 7 days to remove as I will need to find an alternative image to replace it.


Q: Will all of my artwork continue to remain on the website once it appears on the merchandise?

A: Y.B.P. aim to produce the widest range of original Scottish Comedy merchandise available and we are always looking to expand our range. There may be times when some products are simply not selling, and we may need to remove it from the site to make room for other products that sell better. We will however let you know at least 7 days beforehand if we plan to remove the item that contains your artwork. In some instances it may only be removed temporarily, particularly if it is part of the seasonal range.


Q: How do I go about Submitting artwork for Y.B.P.?

A: Contact Brian directly either through the website or any of the social media platforms Y.B.P. are currently on, and register your interest in producing artwork for Y.B.P. It helps to include a link to any artwork you have online. And if I think your artwork would fit with the style of humour suitable for Y.B.P. I will reply to let you know what I am currently looking for. This may be an image to go along with a quote I have in mind. We then take it from there.