Brian Miller

Creator of

Yellow Banana Productions

George Monkey

How it all began

While working as Entertainment Manager at a holiday park in 2016, I discovered a Monkey hanging around in a toy shop. Although I hadn't done much puppetry before, I just had to have him! After working with him for a couple nights I quickly found a character, voice and name that just seemed to fit.

I took George down to the club one night and mingled amongst the holiday makers and van owners and he seemed to make everyone laugh (except for the occasional grumpy puss). One thing that really struck me about that night was just how much my confidence seemed to get a huge boost when George mingled with the punters. I rarely mingled so closely with the caravan owners and preferred the safety of the D.J. podium. Not that I had a problem with the van owners or holiday makers, I just don't like being in amongst crowds. But here I was with George, chatting and joking with pretty much everyone in the club that night. I knew that once I returned home after the season, there was potential to do so much with this furry little guy.

So, once I returned home after the holiday season I started filming sketches of George on my phone and uploading them onto Facebook. A year later I had invested a lot of money into good quality video equipment and started planning a talk show for George to host - the absolute perfect role for him!

Adding Puppetry to my 25-plus years experience in the Creative and Entertainment industry, along with my passion for Comedy, Yellow Banana Productions seemed like the perfect platform to unleash my creative talent on the world.

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